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Connections CHEYENNE was founded during the global Covid-19 pandemic with one goal in mind, to Help the community through these tough times however we can. Throughout our journey, the ways we’ve went about helping our community has changed a little. With so many opportunities to help and so many people needing help, it was a little hard in the beginning to pinpoint where we wanted to focus.

We knew that the Pandemic was wreaking havoc on our local businesses and it was starting to take a huge toll on our local community. We also could see that our neighbors, friends, and other local community members were facing personal challenges on a level never felt before, and many of them were feeling so alone.

This is when we decided that we would create a place for the people in our community to come together and lift one another up. We also saw a big need to show these local businesses in our community (the mom and pop shops if you will) the efforts of driving customers their way and helping them keep the lights on.

From there Connections Cheyenne was born.

The response has been incredible and the amount of support for the cause has been leaps and bounds beyond what we could have ever imagined. We now believe that it is our responsibility to continue to serve our community, while listening and adapting to what our community needs.

Jump on over to our YouTube Channel to check out all the amazing people we’ve had the privilege of talking with!

DO YOU HAVE A PODCAST? We’d love to have you come checkout our podcast studio to see if we are the right fit for your next Podcast venture!

We love helping businesses showcase their talents to our community in creative ways that our consumers really enjoy.

We can’t wait to CONNECT WITH you TO see if we would be a good fit for your business!